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Augusta Ratio is an integrated operator on the natural gas and electricity market, specialized in:

  • Natural Gas Supply;
  • Natural gas trading across the main Nord Europe’s trading HUB and the Italian gas HUB PSV;
  • Natural gas selling in the wholesale markets;
  • Electricity selling in the wholesale markets;

The company was founded in November 2012 set up by a group of manager that have significant knowledge of the natural gas and electricity market.
Augusta Ratio deal with sales companies that want to improve their competitive position and always looking for better supply agreements.
In addition to its core business, Augusta Ratio offers its own consulting service to:

  • Wholesaler: logistic activity and risk management;
  • Industrial clients: manage gas purchase in an efficient and cost-effective way;

Thanks to the good commercial relations with suppliers, Augusta Ratio increased sales volume and set ambitious long term goals.
Augusta Ratio’s strengths:

  • Expertise and know how in young and professional team;
  • A simple organisational structure;
  • A diversified and flexible supply portfolio;

These strengths allow to aim for a better position of the company in the Italian and European gas and electricity market.

Augusta Ratio’s strategy concerns how to diversify sources of supply through the access to the spot market for natural gas and several supply contracts with more business partners.

The company trade on the principal European gas exchange HUB to insure the best supply conditions and better satisfy company’s own customers.

Company’s headquarter is in Milan.

Augusta Ratio is quality, service and reliability.

A professional and skilled staff, with a strong trading capabilities, work for Augusta Ratio. We guarantee to supply the customers with the necessary flexibility and rapidity thanks to know how acquired in the trading activity.

We offer to our clients competitive natural gas and electricity supplies, taking the advantage from the opportunity that arise in a market characterized by complex changes that are not always foreseeable.

Manage operational planning process and all activities concerning the natural gas shipping and the dispatch of electricity, transport, storage and allocation.

Analysis, control and reduction of risk resulting from difference between buy and sell natural gas and electricity.

Young, highly talented and motivated people that are able to understand market needs.

A speed and flexible organization that support company’s business opportunities.

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Contact us


Via Giuseppe Pozzone 5, angolo Largo Cairoli - 20121 Milano (MI) – Italy

Tel.: +39 02 89426412
Fax: +39 02 89424756
email: info@augustaratio.it

Obiettivi sempre chiari

Augusta Ratio rivolge la propria offerta a società di vendita desiderose di migliorare il proprio posizionamento competitivo e per questo alla ricerca prioritaria di sempre migliori condizioni di approvvigionamento di gas naturale e di energia elettrica.